Custody service of custodial assets is a customized business developed for the specific requirements of the clients. The obvious features of such service are individuation, specialization, and diversity. The management organization of custodial assets and the client may be cooperated on a one-to-one basis, so it is able to provide services that is tailored to the clients' specific asset profile and demand.

China Everbright Bank carries out the unified risk control, service standard and management system to perform the custody business throughout the whole bank.

The business scope of custody service of custodial assets mainly include: to ensure safety of custody of assets, that is, to guarantee the custodial assets intact, independent and safe; to be responsible for the fund clearing and collection for the investment of custodial assets; to supervise over the investment operations of custodial assets in order to ensure that the custodial assets make the investment in line with the agreed requirements, and report the same to the asset consignor; and to carry out other businesses related to the custody service according to the requirements of the clients.

Types of custodial assets mainly include: social security fund, custodial assets by the securities companies, insurance assets, trust assets, industrial investment fund, housing accumulation fund, QFII and personal account fund of basic endowment insurance etc.

QFII (Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors) refers to China's foreign fund management institutions, insurance companies, securities companies and other assets management institutions approved by China