Board of Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors, being the supervisory unit of the Bank and accountable for the General Meeting of Shareholders, exercises the power of supervision according to laws and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the Bank and Shareholders against any infringement. The Board of Supervisors of the Bank currently comprises 9 Supervisors and heads two special committees, namely, the Nomination Committee and the Supervision Committee.

Board Members
Name Position Resume
Mr. Li Xin Chairman of the Board of Supervisors View
Mr. Yin Lianchen Shareholder Supervisor View
Mr. Wu Junhao Shareholder Supervisor View
Mr. Wu Gaolian External Supervisor View
Mr. Wang Zhe External Supervisor View
Mr. Qiao Zhimin External Supervisor View
Mr. Xu Keshun Employee Supervisor View
Mr. Sun Jianwei Employee Supervisor View
Mr. Shang Wencheng Employee Supervisor View