"Full link" is a credit product and service of total mileage and individuality customized by CEB in accordance with the production and sales cycle of automobiles, targeting different demands to manufacturers, franchised dealer and end users at different periods. It covers the full financial services related to the manufacturing and sales of automobiles, specifically divided into pre-, current- and post-flow credit products.

Pre-flow automobile credit products mainly provide financial support for the auto manufacturers to purchase daily raw materials and components and spare parts, including working capital loan, issuance of banker's acceptance bill, commercial bill discount, domestic comprehensive factoring and letter of credit on import accessories. At the same time, for some of the auto manufacturers, CEB also provides high-quality services through settlement and wealth management means such as corporate wealth management and nationwide one-counter link remittance. Current-flow automobile credit products provide financial support and overdraft of corporate account for auto distributors, so as to establish a national automobile sales network taking the issuance of banker's acceptance bill as the main means. The post-flow auto credit products refer to personal auto loan service.