Inter-bank services fall on the following categories: securities company, insurance company, trust company, policy-related bank, national commercial bank, foreign bank, local commercial bank and finance company.

1 Securities company

In accordance with CEB’s requirements for business development and the policy guidelines of State regulatory departments, under the prerequisite of full analysis of securities market, CEB has introduced products of securities company with unique CEB characteristics targeting the securities dealers in line with the development features of securities market at different periods.

2 Insurance company

To keep up with the currently rapid development of domestic insurance market, CEB provides the following main products for the insurance companies: agency insurance, agreed deposit, settlement business, cash management and online banking.

3 Trust company

After the domestic trust market is cleared and regulated and the trust companies are reregistered, the trust industry gains a new life. In the macro context of actively facilitating capital securities, CEB will further strengthen the business cooperation with trust companies.

4 Policy bank

With complementary advantages, CEB and policy banks will realize win-win.

5 National commercial bank

The cooperation between CEB and national commercial banks has a broad expectation, with the main cooperative aspects as follows: placement and lending, transfer of credit assets, Swaps of currencies, deposit with each other, clearings, guarantee business, bond buying and selling, repurchase of bond, inter-bank discount and repurchase of bill.

6 Foreign Bank

6.1 Inter-bank lending for RMB

It refers to RMB financing services provided by CEB for foreign banks from 4 months to 3 years.

6.2 Deposit of interest-bearing assets

In accordance with the Regulations Governing Financial Institutions with Foreign Capital and its Implementing Rules, 30% of the operating capital of the branch of the banks with foreign capital shall be deposited at CEB in the form of interest-bearing assets, in which, foreign exchange is deposited as time deposit for 6 months or more, RMB is deposited as national debt or time deposit for 6 months or more.

6.3 Clearing

Subject to the same terms as those of national commercial bank.

6.4 Capital management as agent of the bank with foreign capital

Structured deposit, purchase or sales of foreign exchange bonds as agent of the client, agency foreign exchange transaction.

7 Local commercial bank

Local commercial bank mainly refers to city commercial bank and rural credit cooperative banks, etc. CEB realizes necessary cooperation with local commercial banks by means of its own advantages.

8 Finance company

Finance company is a special subject for inter-bank business. So CEB makes cooperation with finance companies taking wealth management as the main service means.