RMB settlement includes the following 5 categories: Letter of Guarantee in RMB, domestic Letter of Credit, nationwide one-counter link, direct payment and authorized payment as the Authorized Central Finance Payment Agent Bank.

1 Account

1.1 Definition:

Bank settlement account refers to the RMB current deposit account opened by the bank to the depositor to make the collection, payment and settlement of funds.

1.2 Classification:

Bank settlement account includes corporate bank settlement account and personal banking settlement account in accordance with the status of the depositors.

Corporate bank settlement account includes basic account, general account, special account and temporary account.

1.3 Attention:

The depositors shall open the bank settlement account in their real names.

The depositor of corporate bank settlement account is allowed only to open one basic account with one bank.

In the event that the depositor opens a basic account or temporary account, or the budgetary institution opens a special account, verification system is applicable, and the bank of deposit will issue the license for opening such account after the approval of the People's Bank of China, except for the temporary account that the depositor opens for the capital verification to complete the registration procedures.

To open a RMB corporate settlement account with CEB, it is necessary to fill in "Application for Opening Corporate Settlement Account", to sign "Agreement on the Management of RMB Corporate Settlement Account", and to provide relevant information and reserve the sample of the official seal and signatures.

Specific requirements are subject to Measures for the Administration of RMB Bank Settlement Accounts.