1 Credit card of national brand

This credit card can be used at 370,000 merchants and 80,000 ATMs in 700 cities of China and nearly 20 other countries and regions.

2 Credit card caring for your health

2.1 Appointment for expert outpatient service

With Yanhuang Gold Credit Card, you can have access to the appointment services with the doctors above the deputy director of VIP outpatient service at the highest level local hospital or clinic in 18 major cities.

2.2 Diagnosis and treatment at international clinics

As the holder of Yanhuang Gold Credit Card, you can have access to medical services at SOS international clinics in Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing and Shekou.

2.3 Appointment for visit

The holder of Yanhuang Gold Credit Card may have access to appointment for visit with the doctor in the designated cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.

2.4 Health care during the journey

If you, a holder of Yanhuang Gold Credit Card, do not feel well or fall sick during the journey, we will introduce and recommend you the local medical institution that meets your medical requirements as much as possible in line with the location and your health or sickness. When necessary, we will also arrange professional transfer services, referring you to the nearest hospital or medical institution that is the most suitable for your disease or injury.

2.5 Road care during the journey

As the holder of Yanhuang Gold Credit Card, you may contact the SOS 24-hour service hot line provided by CEB when your car breaks down during the journey; and we will help arrange such services as roadside repairs, emergency towing, emergency bunker and accommodation.

3 Credit card with the substantial rewarding

3.1 Complimenting away high-amount aviation accident insurance

Using Yanhuang Credit Card to pay your own flight ticket or more than 80% of the costs of the touring party, a gold card may be complimented with aviation accident insurance up to RMB 1,000,000, and an ordinary card RMB 500,000. Thereby, Yanhuang credit card has really secured your travel.

3.2 Cumulative scoring to convert into aviation miles

Yanhuang Credit Card specially prepares various incentive plans for cumulative scoring; coupled with diverse incentive modes, the cumulative scoring can be converted into aviation miles. Thereby, any of your expenses may be rewarding, which further enriches your life.

3.3 Credit guarantee and priority banking

The holder of Yanhuang Credit Card has access to the priority for purchasing different wealth management products, as the Sunshine Card user at CEB, which helps you create more wealth one step ahead.

3.4 Purchase of digital products free of interest

Yanhuang Credit Card introduces the installment payment service free of interest. You can easily have many kinds of digital products such as notebook PC, digital camera and MP3 without making any down payment.

3.5 Easy and convenient business tour

Yanhuang Credit Card can provide business tour service. With Yanhuang Credit Card, you can have access to preferential booking services with about 2,800 hotels in China and more than 40,000 hotels abroad, as well as such services as ticketing and delivering of tickets, taking holidays, traveling by group and hiring cars in more than 50 domestic major business and tourist cities, which makes your traveling more convenient.

4 The most individualized credit card

4.1 Photo card, exhibiting your graceful bearing

You may print your photo on your card so that Yanhuang credit card really becomes your exclusive one.

4.2 Easy access to repayment holidays

It initially creates 50+10 days of interest-free period, which offers you a light-hearted repayment holiday. You may apply for repayment holidays twice a year, enjoying extra interest-free period.

5 Credit card accompanying you at any time

5.1 24-hour customer service hotline

When you need any help in the course of using the credit card in China, please dial 95595 to contact our representative of customer service at 95595; if you are abroad, please add 40081 before 95595. We will provide you with comprehensive and considerate services.

5.2 Real-time transaction with MSN reminder

When a transaction amount with Yanhuang Credit Card exceeds RMB 500, CEB will send message to you, reminding you of this transaction so that you will know in time the use of the card.

5.3 Reporting the loss with zero risk

Once your Yanhuang Credit Card is lost, please report the loss to CEB. All the economic losses arising from the use of the credit card after such reporting is accepted and effective will be borne by CEB. Thus, your fund is secured at maximum.

Access channel to the application form: the client may obtain the promotion and application materials at the outlets of CEB or from local Taiwan merchants association and overseas Chinese affairs office.