Sunshine Card

Sunshine Card (debit card) is a type of high-tech and multiple functional electronic financial instruments developed by China Everbright Bank to satisfy the increasing demands of people from all ciecles circlesfor the individualized wealth management. It integrates multiple functions such as savings deposit, account transfer for shopping, consumption settlement, networked transaction, automatic wealth management, speculation in the stocks or foreign exchange, electronic commerce and personal financing,. andSunshine Card is featured by high technology content, rapid settlement speed, wide applicable scope, strong safety and confidentiality, and low transaction cost. By means of a variety of modes of operation such as service through the counters of the Bank, telephone banking, self-service banking and online banking, it provides the clients with all-round, individualized and humanized wealth management services., easy to open an account, strongly functional, simple to operate, safe and reliable, with the services clung to the life of ordinary people.

In order to satisfy the increasingly diversified demands of the clients for wealth management and services, and to continue improving the functions of products and enhance the quality of services, China Everbright BankEB introduced "the second generation of Sunshine Card" in 2006, which, on the basis of retaining the functions of the original Sunshine Card, further realized the "internationalized" feature of the said card, making it not only a domestic card but an international one that can be used in many countries in the world.and thus really goes across the border and is geared to the needs of the world.

Introduction to the functions

1.Strong cross intra-branch deposit and withdrawal function

(1)Several Multiple currencies in one card: The client may keep several currencies with one Sunshine Card.

The Sunshine Card may deal with savings in CNY, USD, GBP, EUR, HKD, JPY, AUD, CAD and CHF, integrates several multi-currencies in one card, and changes thoroughly the mode of multiple accounts for foreign currency savings and is easy to keep.

(2)Several savings in one card with several saving periods: time deposit, current deposit and all coverage.

The Sunshine Card has a primary account and a number of sub-accounts, which carries out unified management for the current deposit, time deposit of lump-sum deposit & withdrawal, consolidated time & savings, interest withdrawal on principal deposited, small savings for lump-sum withdrawal, lump-sum saving for small withdrawal and notice deposit, so as to fully satisfy the demands for housekeeping and household wealth management.

(3)National deposit and withdrawal

The client may enjoy national deposit and withdrawal service of RMB& foreign currency savings deposits at any of the outlets of CEB all over the country. Meanwhile, if you remember the card number of any of your relatives or friends, you may make remit to him/her in different places through our specialized services, i.e."Additional deposit without card", which is remitted to the account in time, both conveniently and rapidly.

2.Nationwide functions of networked withdrawal and consumption

The Sunshine Card has become a member of China Union Pay (CUP), so the card holder may can make the settlement for consumption on any networked POS or draw money from any networked Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) at any part of the country.

3.Inquiry, consumption and withdrawal through the CUP network at some other countries or regions

Inquiry, consumption and withdrawal may be performed outside China at the automatic facility or business centre with the CUP symbol in the following 18 countries or regions: Hong Kong, Macao, Korea, TailandThailand, Singapore, the United States, Germany, France, Spanish, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Luxemburg, Vietnam, Philippine and Indonesia.

4.Agency salaryt payoff, the first step for family wealth management

The agent payoff function of Sunshine Card arranges the clients' salaries can, not only releasing help the clients out from the trouble of checking and carrying the money all the time but also helping them avoid the counterfeit currency. It also can be used with CEB’s wealth management service, and realized its maximum integrated utility as; coupled with specialized services of wealth management, this can be called "killing two birds with one stone". The group clients may can enjoy different types of have access to the preference of multiple commission charges fees discounts when using the "Sunshine Card for Business Banking" for agency salaryt payoff, so as to realize the win-win effect between corporate business and personal wealth management.

5.Customized Tailor-made wealth management services---Wealth Management Link Facility

"Wealth Management LinkFacility" means that upon the request of the card holder, the BankCEB offers a best deposits portfolio scheme which consists of the deposits with different terms based on will, upon the request of the card holder and according to the fund used byusage conditions of the card holderclient, thus CEB will be able to make arrangements of the deposits structure for the client, develop optimized combination scheme for multiple deposit terms so as to arrange the term structure of the fund deposited in the Sunshine Card (i.e. mutual transfer between time and current deposits)., which It not only guarantees the liquidity and flexibility of the fund, but also improves the possible revenue for the client fromagency the wealth management for the reasonable revenues of the card holder.

6.Card-to-card or card-to-passbook transfer---"Card-to-card (passbook) LinkFacility"

Card holder can conveniently transfer fund between his/her Sunshine Cards or between the Card and savings passbook of CEB It provides a lot ofthrough modesmultiple means provided by CEB such as by the bank’s counter, telephone banking, multifunctional self-service kiosk and ATM, convenient for the card holder to transfer funds between the Sunshine Cards and between the Card and savings passbook of CEB.

7.Mutual transfer between time and current deposits in one card---"Intra-card LinkFacility"

The card holder may can transfer the funds between the time deposit, current deposit and wealth management account in one card.

8.Speculation in foreign exchange through individual foreign exchange transaction---"Exchange FX Market LinkFacility"

The The ccard holder that who has signed The Individual Foreign Exchange Transaction Agreement has entered intofor Exchange Market Link---the Sunshine Card HolderIndividual Foreign Exchange Transaction Agreement with the Bank mayCEB can perform the foreign exchange transaction through the CEB’s outlets of the Bank, telephone banking, online banking and multifunctional self-service kiosk.

9.Speculation in stocks using Investment in stock market or just save for usage---"Bank-securities LinkFacility"

By integrating the investmentshareholder's capital account with the Sunshine Card account, the client may speculatecan buy/sell in stocks by means of the Sunshine Card through CEB telephone banking, online banking and multifunctional self-service kiosks. It facilitates the efficiency of the deployment of funds and helps clients in their stock investment business and redeploy the capital flexibly; in this way, the client may devise strategies within a command tent for the investment and wealth management.

10.CEB nice Good housekeeper as payment agent---"PETFee Payment Facility"

In order to release the client from the trouble of running from one bank to another for the payment, and to help the client save his/her valuable time and improve the quality of life, the BankCEB has introduced a wide range of fee-based business services based on the Sunshine Card; this is - PETFee Payment Facility. After any of When the Sunshine Card holders applies foruse this service (sign a PET---Fee-based Business AgreemenPayment Agent Agreement carrying with the Sunshine Card and ID card for application), the BankCEB will, upon the instruction given by the client, regularly make all the payments taking advantage of the primary account of his/her Sunshine Card as instructed by the client, which is as convenient, safe and quickefficient as ; thus the Sunshine Card may become a real close housekeeper.

11.Do it yourself (DIY) and know it well in your heart---"Equipment LinkFacility"

Through thousands of ATMs, CRSs, CDMs and hundreds of self-service banks and kiosks as well as tens of thousands of networked ATMs all over the country, the client may can deposit, withdraw, inquire, transfer by himself/herself so that the client is able to get a complete picture of his/her wealth management of the card holder is clear at a glanceactivities.

How to apply for the Sunshine Card

The client shall, with his/her valid identity certificate, fill in an Application Form for the Sunshine Card of China Everbright Bank,,and then has a Sunshine Card will be soon ready for youof his/her own immediately.

Note: If you obtain the Sunshine Card for the first time, you should change the password immediately through the ATM, CDM, CRS, and multi-functional self-service kiosk of the Bank and take good care of it. For each Sunshine card, two passports will be provided by CEBThe password provided by the Bank for the Sunshine Card includes : inquiry password and transaction onepassword. The digit Each password number is contains 6 digits and the initial password is always 888888. The inquiry password is mainly used for inquire about the account information through telephone banking, while the transaction password is used for deposit or, withdrawal and transfer for consumption payment. The inquiry password may can be changed through telephone banking.